Another advantage

Under certain circumstances, network performance problems may occur when working with Word, which can be prevented with documents created using WordBrief©.

Background information

Every document that you save with Word is saved with the original document template and file path. When Word opens a document, it searches for the document template to be used to update information from it in the document.

If this document template was used by a network drive, but, for example, the file name or the network path has changed, Word searches in vain for the document template. This can cause considerable delays in opening such a document until Word stops searching for the document template and opens the document.

WordBrief© does not save the used document template into the document, but copies the
entire content into the current document. This always uses the default document template (Normal.dotm), which is always located on the local hard disk in the standard user template directory.


WordBrief© 365 is available:


Another advantage of WordBrief©

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