WordBrief© automates document creation in Microsoft® Word.

WordBrief© facilitates the creation of standard
documents by automating information into the
current document. This information includes
the recipient address, the subject, date and
salutation for a letter. It's also possible to
access the standard contacts of Microsoft®
Outlook® to select an address.

WordBrief© is an extension for Microsoft® Word
(COM Add-In). WordBrief© adds the ribbon
"WordBrief" to Word. This ribbon contains the
buttons Options, Help, Info and the button WordBrief, which shows or hides a taskpane in Word. This taskpane provides the core functions of WordBrief©.

What are the advantages of this Word extension?

Instead of repeatedly selecting the same template in Word for a new document and thus implementing recurring correspondence, WordBrief© makes this task easier: productivity in everyday life is increased by automatically inserting address, subject, date and salutation into the current document. All you have to do is start writing the text.


WordBrief© 365 is available:


Another advantage of WordBrief©

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