When programming WordBrief©, great care was taken to ensure quality and functionality. Extensive tests were carried out before publication to intercept and handle any errors. However, there is no guarantee that an error will not occur in a wide variety of configurations and environments.

Should you ever encounter an error in WordBrief©, please use the information on this page to report it so that the problem can be resolved in a next update and a temporary solution can be found in advance.

Please describe the problem as detailed as possible. A screenshot of the error and/or a step-by-step description to reproduce the problem are very helpful.

Known issues

The automatic update does not work

A new version is already offered on the homepage, but the existing local installation is not updated.

Background information

Due to the technology used (VSTO), WordBrief© is not automatically updated if the setup was downloaded to the local computer during the installation and the installation was started from there.

For the automatic update to work, the installation of WordBrief© must be carried out via the offered link to the installation. Only then WordBrief© will automatically update itself when an update is available.


Uninstall WordBrief© and reinstall it directly from the Download page of the homepage.

The selection for "Select Outlook contact" is deactivated
In the WordBrief settings, the selection for "Contact options" is deactivated

Background information

With WordBrief© you can only access your default contacts if Microsoft® Outlook® is installed and a profile is created. If this application is not installed together with Office or no profile has been created yet, this functionality of WordBrief© is not available and is deactivated.


To have the full functionality of WordBrief© available, install Microsoft® Outlook® and make sure that a profile is configured for.

The Taskpane cannot be shown/hidden

Background information

The current design of WordBrief© uses only the first instance or the first opened application window, which is displayed when Word starts. This means that the ribbon "WordBrief" is displayed in every window/document, but the functionality (and thus the mentioned Taskpane) is only available in this first window.


This behavior is a restriction of WordBrief©. To prevent this behavior, please use WordBrief© in the first window/document of Word.

The ribbon is not displayed

The ribbon "WordBrief" is no longer displayed in Microsoft® Word.

Background information

If Word uses many extensions (COM Add-Ins), loading these extensions may take longer. In order for Word to start faster, it may happen that Word extensions are then deactivated. If WordBrief© has been deactivated, the familiar ribbon is missing.


WordBrief© must be activated for the ribbon to become available again. To do this, go to the File > Options > Add-Ins menu in Word and select "Disabled Items" from the Manage drop-down menu. Then click on the "Go..." button. Here you can reactivate WordBrief©.

Current problems

Currently there are no reported problems.

Report a problem

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